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Steamboat Springs Parks and Recreation building gets deep cleaning

Steamboat Springs - A Steamboat Springs city building is getting a deep clean.
Steamboat Springs Parks, Open Space and Recreational Services offices behind the Howelsen Ice Arena are having mold remediation done by EcoTreck Environmental Solutions.
Chris Wilson, director of the Parks and Recreation Department, said he has had an allergic reaction to mold he thinks is living in the offices.
Wilson moved out of his office in the building and into the ice arena because of his symptoms.
"Ninety-nine point nine percent of the staff had no problems, "Wilson said, adding that he thinks old storage bags brought into the building were the root of his symptoms.
Once the bags were removed, he said, his symptoms improved.
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Boulder firm pushing frontier in mold detection capability

Daily Camera, Boulder Colorado - Boulder's Droplet Measurement Technologies has developed a new instrument that can detect and identify mold in real time, which excites its creators so much they have launched a new company without yet picking a name for its signature device.
"You can see how early we are; we haven't even really come out with what we're going to call it yet," said John Lovett, chief executive officer of Droplet Measurement Technologies and its new subsidiary, DetectionTek.
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