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Truly a Great Company

I want to begin by saying that the owner, Kevin and all his employees are wonderful people. They are straight shooters and always take the time to explain things to you. We first used them in 2016-2017 I believe and will not look to anyone else because of the outstanding service we have gotten from everyone at EcoTreck since the first time. I encourage you to read on because there are multiple reasons why we went with EcoTreck and it would be of benefit to know what they are.

We first looked to this type of company when my wife ended up with fungal pneumonia. We were told how rare this is and I immediately started looking around for someone to help see if we had mold issues that could have caused this health issue for my wife. I'll say that watching a loved one deal with fungal pneumonia is just plain scary. She was in the hospital for much longer than anticipated.

As I searched for a company to help us see if we had issues within our home I found there is not a lot to choose from. I called all the companies near us and in the surrounding area. Of all the places I contacted only two returned my calls, one of them being EcoTreck. I'll add that the first company that called ended up quoting me something in the range of $15K plus, but thankfully EcoTreck was out the next day to go above and beyond in the form of explanation with regard to the work needed to our place to remedy the issues that may have helped create my wife's health problem.

The other company didn't do anything to let me know exactly what and why they felt we needed what they were offering. I won't name them, but I was truly left guessing and trying to research things I didn't understand. I was also left baffled by the price tag and not knowing why certain things were needed, let alone options that could help us fit any work into what savings we had.

As noted, the next day, EcoTreck was at our place to do everything that I felt I didn't get from the first company. I'm in no way exaggerating this, but the owner, Kevin appeared to do more work inspecting our place than the other company, not to mention he willingly took the time to explain what our issues were and why we needed to take care of them. He even went further and offered us options to materials used and let me know the differences between those options in materials as well as methods of remediation. Needless to say I was quite impressed on many fronts.

I'm guessing it's obvious we went with EcoTreck for the above reasons, but also because the same work and what appeared to be better materials and methods would ultimately cost us much less than what we were quoted from the other company. The best part was EcoTreck had a facility here in our town and the other would require us to pay for three to four employees to stay in a hotel for multiple days for them to do the work as they were located over an hour and a half drive away. That just ridiculous to me.

I felt we were getting better work, lower cost, better materials and the just plain friendliness of Kevin and his crew when we decided to go with EcoTreck. We are so glad we did because as little things came up along the way, or more importantly, after the original work was done, Kevin or his employees were just a phone call away to get back to us to fix or tweak things to give us an even better quality job. Granted, he had other jobs in town so he may not have come the next day, but I can honestly say I never felt blown off because we were a little job compared to some of his larger clients.

That may be the biggest reason besides the friendliness from the EcoTreck crew that I would highly recommend using this company for any number of things related to remediation. I feel you will always deal with a straight shooter and someone who is not out to just make a buck.

Kevin and the EcoTreck crew make sure you're happy. They do their work within a reasonable timeframe, they keep things clean even when the work they are doing is very dirty, they take the time to answer questions and make sure you know what and why they are doing things, they are to put it simply just a great company. I could go on longer but I've already written a review some may see as too long, but I hope you read this whole thing because EcoTreck is well worth your time and money. I have recommended them to many other people via word of mouth and they too are all happy with the work they had done. If I could promise you'd be happy I would, but if you understand the service field they are in and you're not a person who needs to be involved 100% in the work they do, then I'm sure you will walk away happy. I say the last thing because I know some people are nit pickers and are rarely happy when someone works on their place. If you can put just a little trust in the fact that you are having work done from true experts then you will be more than happy with the final product. I know I am.

I also know I will continue to recommend them and continue to use them as my equipment needs upgrading or replacing. I just feel I couldn't have been any happier with the service I've gotten from Kevin and his outstanding crew of employees at EcoTreck!

I just wanted to pass along that the radon test results improved from a 9 reading to a 0.3 reading and, in addition, our realtor who has been doing this for over 30 years said these are the nicest crawl spaces he has seen in his career -

I recommend you to both Remax and to the radon testing company so you may get some calls

Please pass along to your brothers as well

I really appreciate the great work and making this easy to handle from LA!

- Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The attached mitigation report shows the results for the cafeteria area. We are good to go. The NWCC employees said they got a ZERO rating,which is beyond excellent ande very unusual. Way to go, NWCC and EcoTreck! - Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Below is the bill from EcoTreck for the work they did to restore the house. The fact that their original estimate when they first saw the damages we $1,800 and that the final bill is $506 is a strong testimony to the integrity of these guys. I suggest that if we have other situations like this that EcoTreck is the company that we want to hire. - John Tozzi - Steamboat Springs, Colorado

We hired EcoTreck to remove mold from our basement after the September, 2013 flood in Boulder, Colorado. Kevin was incredibly quick in responding, coming to the house within hours of my contacting the company. He looked at the work that needed to be done in order to prepare an estimate then immediately set up a containment barrier to contain the mold spores to the basement -- this was before the estimate was written, before any contracts were signed, before a work date was set: Kevin's first concern was that, no matter if we used his company or not, our family was protected from the mold. The price charged was fair and the work was thorough: I would hire EcoTreck again and would highly recommend them to everyone."
Thanks again, Kevin and best of luck!
Cynthia Baker - Boulder, Colorado

Dear Kevin,
This is a letter of thanks for the fine job that you and EcoTreck completed on our home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The work was done in a very professional manner and on time and on budget. The work was inspected by a professional engineer and passed with flying colors. It was a pleasure working with the professional staff and we would recommend Kevin Welu and EcoTreck highly. Thanks so much for a great job.
Ed and Jayne Hill - Steamboat Springs, Colorado

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